Friday, July 22, 2005

The Power of Superior Equipment

From Jack Army:

Via email: "The video tape was taken from captured terrorist scum in Iraq - you've got to watch it. The footage was recorded by a terrorist sniper team (who were later captured by coalition forces, hence, we have the tape). It just came out of a briefing in Iraq in the last few days. In it, a Soldier takes a hit from a sniper square the chest - it knocks him right on his back, but the guy gets right back up again, aiming his rifle. It's amazing how fast he is back up on his feet; looking for a target. The best part is to hear the terrorists' voices in the clip. It's such a riot to listen to them chanting "Allah Akbar! Allah Akbar!" and then when the kid gets back up again, they're like '...huh?

Click here and see it for yourself.