Friday, July 01, 2005

Private Texas Workforce Commision Contractor Busted

Note: The views expressed on this blog do not represent the Texas Health and Human Services Commission in any way.

The private contractor who handles work programs for the Texas Workforce Commission in the Dallas area has been caught falsifying records, and encouraging their staff to "lie, cheat, or steal" to meet the numbers necessary for them to get the money from the State of Texas that the company wants them to get. An unhappy employee, used a hidden camera, and now, what those of us who have watched these private contractors over the years have known to be a common fact of life, has been caught on tape, and is exposed for all to see.

Click here for the first video news clip.

Click here for the second video news clip.

In short, on paper, it looks like these contractors are helping a lot of people find good jobs. In reality, they often have to falsify those papers to make it appear so. And the politicians that pushed this stuff through can say that they save the state money, and improved services, when they have only lined the pockets of big corporations.

This is something to think about, given that the Texas Health and Human Services Commission announced this week that it has decided (as was expected) to privatize about half of the Eligibility services to Accenture (a Bermuda based corporation). In their announcement, they claimed that the state of Texas will save 649 Million Dollars over the next five years by this action. I will eat my key board, and broadcast it live over the internet if they save anything like that kind of money and provide the same level of service that has been provided by state employees. I predict that this will be a boondoggle, and will end up costing the state much more than they have been paying. We shall see. In fact, I think things will be pretty clear in about a year from now.

This kind of government may be great for the citizens of Bermuda, but it is not good of the citizens of the State of Texas.

Update: You can read examples of Accenture ripping off the Tax payers of other states at this link.