Tuesday, September 06, 2005

"It's Hell to be poor, black, and from New Orleans in Houston Texas"

Quanell X, of the New Black Panther Party... who drives a brand new Hummer around the Hell that is Houston... if your poor and black -- not that he would know, mind you, as he drives it to his upscale suburban home.

"It's Hell to be poor, black, and from New Orleans in Houston Texas"... or so said Quanell X, Houston's own advocate of Black-victimization. This was in response to an apartment complex in Clear Lake (a suburb to the South of Houston) that allegedly had promised 150 hurricane victims a home, but then said that they would need to run background checks first. The apartment manager, who is herself Black, denied any racial motivations behind this requirement.

Also today, a cruise ship in Galveston was going to take hurrican victims from the Astrodome and house then in their luxury cabins... but this proposal ran into problems when they could not find enough hurricane victims willing to take them up on the offer. It seems that the hell that it is to be Black, poor, and from New Orleans in Houston was too much of a draw.

Oh the humanity!

There are a lot of white folks in Houston that would love to taste a little bit of the hell that life on a cruise ship has to offer.

And by the way, it seems that much of what we heard about the hell that it was to be poor and black in New Orleans wasn't true either. See this from Michelle Malkin.