Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Putting 2,000 American Deaths Into Perspective

One of the many War Cemeteries of Normandy

Today the left is making much of the fact that American Deaths in Iraq, since 2003 have reach the 2,000 mark. This is proof that we are losing the war, they say.

Here are a few figures from World War II to put that into perspective:

The following figures do not include the wounded or the missing:

The Battle of Stalingrad: 1,100,000 Soviets Killed -- 800,000 Axis Killed

Battle of Berlin: 50,000 Soviets Killed -- 90,000 Germans Killed

The Rape of Nanking: 300,000 Chinese killed

The D-Day Invasion: 37,000 Allies Killed -- at least 78,000 Germans Killed

The Battle of the Bulge: 16,000 Americans Killed -- 19,000 Germans Killed

The Battle of Okinawa: 12,000 Americans Killed -- 100,000 Japanese Killed

The Battle of Iwo Jima: 6,800 Americans killed -- 21,000 Japanese Killed

The Battle of Anzio: 4,400 Allies killed -- 5,500 Germans Killed

The Bataan Death March: 10,000 Americans Killed

Good things these leftist wusses weren't raising the white flag then, don't you think?

Oh... and one other figure to keep in mind: 3,000 Americans killed on 9-11-2001.