Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Updates: Privatizing Welfare in Texas

1) Carlos Guerra of the San Antonio Express: Hurricanes hit social services amid cloud over welfare reform

This article discusses where things stand in terms of the privatization process, and the impact we are already begining to see in terms of dropping enrollments, despite the influx of Katrina refugees in Texas.

2) Bob Campbell of the Midland Reporter-Telegram: Midland's HHSC call center opening on schedule in November and January

Entry level jobs in the call center will start at a whopping $8.50 an hour. We had problems with internal fraud when staff were starting at $1800 a month... just wait and see how this goes.

3) Michael King of the Austin Chronicle: Jobs to Go

This article discusses how those who work at the new call centers will qualify for the benefits that they will be administering.

4) Ethan Butterfield of Washington Technology: Texas auditor blasts HR project

This article discusses how the privatization of Texas' Health and Human Services Commission's HR department is failing to realizing the savings promised, and is under-delivering services.