Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Samm Almaguer: The Collapse is Here

The following are the comments of my friend and former co-worker, Samm Almaguer:

Although I no longer work for HHSC, I still know quite a few folks who are still working there. Earlier this week, I spoke with a worker who told me that it's office had lost three workers last week, and one this week. Wow, approximately 20% of the staff lost in a period of 7 days!

My friend also told me that they are now being required to do 12 interviews, in the morning!

[My inserted comment: To put that in perspective, 4 interviews in the morning is a tight schedule, 8 would be what we use to call "blitzing" which is when you were so far behind that you intentionally over scheduled to get caught up, and did those interviews as quickly as humanly possible... and you hoped most of them didn't show up... because you can't do 8 interviews in 4 hours. 12 interviews in a 4 hour period is simply rubber stamping a case without hardly a look. There is no way such cases could be done properly, or that anyone could expect such cases to issue the benefits people are actually eligible for. Some people will get much less, more likely people will get more...]

Today, another worker told me that it's office is going to lose 4 workers this month.
But the real shocker was a report that applicants who do not get a receipt for their applications can kiss those applications good bye, they no longer being processed, but they are being boxed and sent to the warehouse. I guess if the applicant is too absent minded due to his hunger pangs, and does not bother to get a receipt, then he can not prove that he filed the application to begin with, and if he can not prove it, then he or she did not do it.

I truly and sincerely hope that this report is not accurate, for I am sure that boxing applications and sending them to the warehouse is illegal. During my tenure at HHSC-DHS they made sure to let us know that mishandling, and falsifying state documents is a crime, now it appears that it has become agency policy.

The Republican state government has been too focused on privatization to realize that november is just around the corner, and those boxed applications are more than pieces of paper, they are Texas citizens going hungry, Texas mothers not getting their prenatal care, and Texas children not getting their shots.

Concerned citizens should take those responsible into account, November is just around the corner.