Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Samm Almaguer: The Collapse is Here, Part Deux

Samm has more on the collapsing Texas Health and Human Services Commission:

Offices now have a 70 day lead time for applications. Federal regulations say you have to process applications in 30 days, which means you should be scheduling appointments within 20 days, because by law you have to allow people 10 days to provide you with the necessary proof to validate their case. 70 days to get an appointment is something never seen in the 13 years I was with the agency. I think the worst I ever saw was about 25 days... and that didn't last for long.

As Samm points out, with Accenture not ready to take on its roll, and with staff leaving at the rate they are leaving, it will not be long before this is a huge story, because it wont be long before the agency wont be able to continue to pretend that the problems are temporary or that they have a functioning system. As the election heats up, this will come back to haunt Rick Perry, just as I predicted about a year ago.

And all this is happening, before they attempt to fully implement their boondoggle computer system that cost 300 million dollars, and still doesn't work.

Stay tuned...