Thursday, January 07, 2010

St. Jonah's is ready to build, but needs your help

Our parish voted a few weeks ago to go forward with a contract to build our Phase II Church.

This link is an appeal for your help:

In short, we have raised a bit more than $100,000.00 to construct this building. The actual costs are going to be about another $50,000.00.

We are starting the permit process, and hope to begin construction in February. If you can help, we need to hear from you before the end of January.

Our parish is the only parish in the world dedicated to the memory of St. Jonah of Manchuria. Our goal is to have a Phase III Church built in time for the centennial of his repose in 2025... but to get to Phase III by then, we need to get to Phase II now.

Your prayers and support are greatly appreciated.

Click here for more donation options and suggestions.