Monday, February 28, 2005

Recollections of Fr. Joseph

Me and and my Godson, Basil Huneycutt, in 2001

Fr. Joseph Huneycutt has posted the above picture, along with some recollections of the time he visited my parish to serve the liturgy (I believe it was for our parish feast day). This was back when I was still a Deacon, and so our parish normally did Reader Services, except on the occassions when we could get a priest to come and serve for us. For those of you who may have wondered why I have so much information about Reader Services on my site, we did Reader Services for the most part, from October 1998 (when our mission began) until January of 2001 (when I was ordained a priest).

Fr. Joseph is of course not the first person to make comparisons between me and ZZ Top.

ZZ Top

There have also been less favorable comparisons.