Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The Ten Commandments On Display... at the Supreme Court and Other Federal Buildings

The Ten Commandments on the Doors of the Supreme Court

If you wondered why the Supreme Court split hairs over displays of the Ten Commandments, and didn't ban all of them in public buildings, it probably had something to do with the extensive redecorating that they would need to do in their own Court House... not to mention the rest of Washington, D.C.

See this article in Human Events for a number of photos of the 10 Commandments on Display at the Supreme Court Building, and in other federal buildings.

Click here, for another image of the U.S. District Court's display of the Ten Commandments.

I would suggest every court building in the united states should incorporate the exact same images of the 10 commandments that are found in the Supreme Court Building, and see what they have to say next.

I also think it's great that someone is trying to seize Justice Souters home on the basis of the the court decision that he signed onto this week.

These liberal justices should be impeached. We need to take back our country from judicial tyrants.