Friday, July 29, 2005

The NCC and other Commie Lib Organizations

Orthodoxy Today has more on the departure of the Antiochians from the National Council of Churches here. They also have this excellent article on the left wing politics of the NCC.

It is about time that those Orthodox who have been participating in the NCC have begun to leave. As bad as the WCC has been, the NCC has been worse.

All of this reminds me of a satirical hymn I wrote about the left wing agenda of the NCC back when I was still a Nazarene ministerial student in college. To understand the humor, I need to explain a few things that were going on in the 80's with the NCC:

The NCC was funding a Marxist revolutionary group in Namibia known as SWAPO (the South West African People's Organization). Namibia was being ruled at that time by the Apartheid government of South Africa (which was indeed a racist government, but blacks were trying to sneak into South Africa at that time rather than out it of it, as they are currently doing in Marxist Zimbabwe). Another feature of Marxists in Southern Africa of that time is that they subjected their enemies (white and black) to the practice of "necklacing" (in which they forced a rubber tire, filled with gasoline, around a victim's chest and arms, and set it on fire).

On another front at that time, the Communists had taken power in Nicaragua, and there was a counter-revolutionary group supported by the Reagan administration, known as the "Contras", that was trying to liberate that country from the Communists thugs that were opposing them. The NCC was adamantly opposed to any funding for the Contras. In fact, until the fall of communism in the Soviet Union, the NCC had almost nothing bad to say about any Communists, but were adamantly opposed to any group that was actively trying to oppose the Communists.

My satirical hymn was written to the tune of the famous hymn by Charles Wesley, "Arise, my soul, arise!", which you can hear by clicking here.

And so, with that lengthy introduction, here it is:

Arise SWAPO, Arise!

Arise, SWAPO, Arise!
Kill all your racist peers!
Light tires around their necks,
And watch their bodies sear.
We support you through the NCC.
We back your fight to set you free,
But Contra aid, we cannot see!

My apologies to Charles Wesley.