Saturday, January 28, 2006

Update on the Orthodox Study Bible

Hat Tip: Uncreated Light

We would like to take this opportunity to give you a status report on the Orthodox Study Bible: The Septuagint / Old Testament Project with study notes.

All the participants in the project - translators, study aid authors, editors, and our publisher, Thomas Nelson - are committed to producing an accurate, faithful, and readable Bible, including all of the Books of the Septuagint Old Testament Bible missing in the present day English bibles and Roman Catholic Vulgate.

Special emphasis has been applied to the integrity of the translation, ensuring that these texts are rendered into the most accurate and appropriate English. The study aids and notes have been composed, edited, and revised to convey as best we are able the tradition of the Orthodox Church. The page layout and flow of text has been scrutinized to ensure that even the more mechanical aspects of the book will enhance its readability and usefulness. These attributes - accuracy, faithfulness, and utility - form the cornerstone of our work.

All other aspects of this project have been subordinated to them - including the schedule.

As we write this message, the final pieces of the new Orthodox Study Bible are making their way to the publisher, where they will be formatted, typeset, printed, collated, bound, packaged, and made ready for distribution. For a project of this scope, we anticipate the publication process committed to by Thomas Nelson will take thirteen to fifteen months. Therefore, we feel confident that the new Orthodox Study Bible will be available for purchase in time for Pascha, 2007.

Posted: 4 January, 2006