Monday, April 10, 2006

More on the "Gospel of Judas"

Ben Witherington, who is a well known Biblical Scholar, and a professor at Asbury Theological Seminary, has a blog, and has posted several things of interest on this subject:

The Gospel of Judas et al.---Part One

The Gospel of Judas--- Part Two

The Gospel of Judas-- the NPR Discussion

You can listen to that NPR discussion that he blogs about by clicking on this page, and taking your choice of Windows Media or Real Audio formats.

The shame of the format of this show was that you had one conservative guest who knew what he was talking about, two liberal scholars with fairly far out views, a talk show host who didn't have a clue, and a bunch of wine and cheese liberal callers who had even less of a clue. Who would have thought that NPR would have stacked the deck in favor of the liberals?

Fr. Joseph Huneycutt posts about this here, and has a link to this article in Get Religion.

Eric Jobe, who is a graduate student at the University of Chicago in Northwest Semitic Philology, has a post here.