Monday, January 02, 2012

The other talks from the 2011 St. Herman's Conference, Houston, TX

1). The Life Beyond:A talk by Fr. Dcn. Innokenty Reichert on the Orthodox view of death,
given on 12/24/2011.

2). On the Study of Holy Scripture: A talk by Fr. John Whiteford on why and how we should study the Scriptures,given on 12/25/2011.

The handout that is mention is essentially the same as what is found here:

The Bible Gateway is here:

And the Church Fathers online can be found here:

3). Title: The History of Ss. Constantine and Helen Orthodox Church in Galveston, Texas: A talk by Mimo Milosevich on the history of the second oldest Orthodox Church in the lower 28 states on the U.S., given on 12/26/2011. You also hear comments from Fr. Serge Veselinovich, the rector of the parish.

The article that Mimo Milosevich mentions is posted here:

You can see photos from the conference here: