Wednesday, August 10, 2005

New Epistle Lectionary

The Center for Traditionalist Orthodox Studies has published a new Epistle Book (aka Apostolos, or Apostol). It uses the King James text, which I prefer. The text it uses for the prokimena and alleluia verses is their own translation. It is layed out in the Greek Style. The Slavic Apostol has all the books from Acts through Jude, with the complete texts, and with notes that tell you how and where to begin and where to end each reading. The Greek style has the readings in the order they are used in the liturgical year, with text exactly as it would be read in Church, which eliminates the need for all of those notes. The problem for those who follow Slavic practice is that these readings do not always precisely match where the Slavic readings begin and end.

The biggest draw back is that this is published only in paper back, at present... which means the text will not last long under heavy use. However, this also makes the text much more inexpensive than it would otherwise be. It is only $25.00, which makes it practical for individuals to purchase it for their own use.