Thursday, May 04, 2006

Shazam! Reality Begins to Dawn on the Leaders of HHSC

This just in from Commissioner Hawkins... they now concede they will need an additional 1,000 State employees in there new system (which they still haven't rolled out, because things are falling apart. That is a 35% increase from the original number of staff that they said they would need. Shazam! (as Gomer Pyle would say)

UPDATE!!! HHSC Employee, albeit an anonymous author, took down the aforementioned post, because apparently someone advised him or her that this could be hazardous to his or her continued employment. However, Samm Almaguer posts the Union's Account of this change of position here.

I wonder when they figured this out. I recall asking one of the big shots who came to the Houston region to sell staff on this new plan how many case actions they assumed each worker would be able to produce per day in the new system. She didn't know. I asked how she could know that the new system would be cost effective, if she didn't know how much work the new system could produce with less than 1/2 the staff. She didn't know that either. I think they still don't know.

Click here to read a memo in which State staff in Houston are being informed that they will have to work applications that Accenture has not worked... some of which are as much as 4 months old. This fits the usual pattern of private contractors shifting work back to the reduced number of State employees.

The meltdown continues.

By the way... HHSC Employee and Samm Almaguer have both been posting great stuff as this train wreck unfolds. Stay tuned.