Monday, July 03, 2006

Gender Neutral Language and the Trinity

Here is a link to a cartoon that sums up the Presbyterian Church's move to come up with alternative names for the Holy Trinity. h/t Southern Appeal.

One thing I have often pointed out about the feminist push for gender neutral language that I have never heard a good answer to: there are two major languages that have no gender distinctions at all, and so the two cultures associated with these languages should have been feminist utopias throughout human history. The two languages are Turkish and Chinese. However, I think one could safely defend the argument that women in European cultures have been treated significantly better in the past two thousand years, despite them having to suffer the indignities of using languages that make gender distinctions. In fact, I think one would be hard pressed to find two literate cultures in which woman have historically been treated worse than that of the Turks and the Chinese -- and I say that as one who otherwise loves Chinese culture, but the way women were (and to a large extent, still are) treated is not the high point of Chinese civilization.