Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Trip to Russia

Christ the Savior Cathedral, Moscow... where I will be, God willing on May 17th.

You can read this article, to see the schedule for the trip to Russia. If you read that article in Russian you will see that my name was the only one they couldn't figure out how to transliterate into Cyrillic.

To keep up with the news of the trip, you can check the official ROCOR web page. Though from past experience, if you want to see pictures as soon as possible, you might also want to keep an eye on the Russian version of the ROCOR web page (which is normally updated first).

You can also check the web site of the Moscow Patriarchate.

You can also check for updates on Google News.

If you want the time and weather in Moscow, click here.

And around Midnight (Wednesday evening, Thursday morning), central time, you should be able to see a live feed of the service at the Christ the Savior Cathedral Web Site. I'll be the guy with the robes and the beard.