Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Photo Report: Sacred Art, Sacred Music 2013

St. Jonah Orthodox Church

Fr. Luke Murianka.

Click here to listen to his First lecture. Click here to listen to the Second Lecture (same lecture, but some differences, particularly in the questions)

Kurt Sander and Fr. John Whiteford

Fr. Luke (Murianka), Fr. John Whiteford, Matushka Patricia Whiteford, and Hieromonk John (Anderson), who is the new priest of St. Cyril Orthodox Church (OCA) in the Woodlands

Kurt Sander, giving his presentation. Click here to Listen.

Top Row: Reader Jason McLaughlin, Reader James Hall, Deacon David Companik, Fr. Alexander Petrovsky.
Bottom Row: Kurt Sander, Hieromonk Innokenty (Reichert), Priest John Whiteford, Archimandrite Luke (Murianka).

The Choral Performance. Click here to listen. It was amazing, in person.

Bobby Maddex of Ancient Faith Radio, Fr. John Whiteford, Matushka Patricia Whiteford