Sunday, September 22, 2013

So Gay Marriage Won't Impose Anything on the Rest of Us?

1). If you are a photographer who does not want to take pictures for a gay wedding, either submit to the gay mafia, or be put out of business: N.M. Supreme Court: Photographers Can't Refuse Gay Weddings.

2). If you are a florist, and don't want to decorate a gay wedding, either submit to the gay mafia, or be put out of business:

3). If you own a vacation guest house, and don't want to rent a room with a double bed to a gay couple, you will either submit to the gay mafia, or be put out of business:

Christian guesthouse owners who refused to allow a gay couple a double room because of their religious beliefs say the controversy has forced them to sell up.

4). If you are a 19 year veteran Master Sergeant in the Air Force, and you don't think an airman who said that he personally didn't believe in gay marriage should be subjected to discipline, you with either submit to your Lesbian commanders wishes, or be relieved of your duties: AF sgt. claims he was fired for religious views on gays.

5. If you own a Bakery, and don't want to do a gay wedding cake, you will either submit to the gay mafia, or be shut down: Oregon Bakery Closes Over Owners' Refusal to Serve Gay Wedding.

6. Does your Church own a retreat center, and would rather not have gay weddings served there? If so, you will either get your minds right and allow the gays to have their marriage on your Church property, or you will be sued, and lose: Judge Rules Christian facility cannot ban same-sex civil union ceremony on its own premises.

And given that this is what they are doing when they still have not forced gay marriage down the throats of every state in the union, just wait until they have. Then you will really get to see what the gay mafia means by diversity and tolerance.

Update: I posted a link to this article on a forum, and a homosexual activist responded that it was simply the price of progress, and the march of equal protection under the law. Here is my reply:

So if you had a black photographer, and the Ku Klux Klan wanted to hire her to photograph a cross burning, she should be put out of business if she refused to take the job?

If the Gay Atheists of America owned a retreat center, and the Family Research Council wanted to rent it and hold a seminar on how homosexuals are spreading disease in America, they should be forced by the courts to rent to them?

If a Gay Atheist soldier were to say publicly that they didn't believe in Sacramental Christian marriage, he should be subject to discipline?

Why not just respect everyone's property rights, and let them do with their own property what they wish, and how about we allow people freedom of association, and freedom of speech, rather than putting people out of business because they don't agree with us?

Using the power of the state to destroy people who you disagree with is not likely to win lots of friends for the gay community. If they want tolerance, they might want to start practicing it.