Friday, October 04, 2013

Most Popular Blog Posts To Date

The Top Ten most popular blog posts on this blog, in reverse order:

10. July 1, 2012: The Hypocrisy of the Christian Left

9. July 17, 2013: Stump the Priest: Mass Ordinations?

8. March 28, 2013: Why Gay "Marriage" Will Affect Everyone

7. June 26, 2013: Stump the Priest: What About the Violence in the Old Testament?

6. May 26, 2005: The Story of Sgt. MacKenzie

5. September 25, 2013: Being Frank

4. September 23, 2013: So Gay Marriage Won't Impose Anything on the Rest of Us?

3. July 30, 2013: Unfortunate Trends in the Roman Catholic Church

2. November 29, 2013: What should Orthodox Christians do, when there is no parish nearby?

And coming at number 1....

August 23, 2012: Homilies on the Lord's Prayer.

And what is curious about the number 1 post is that no other posts have even come close in terms of the number of hits. It is interesting to see which posts keep getting read over time, and I never would have expected the post on the Lord's Prayer to be especially popular. The Story of Sgt. MacKenzie is another one that I would never have guessed at, but it is a good story.