Thursday, April 23, 2020

Reader Services: St. Thomas Sunday and Radonitsa

For those still unable to attend services, here are some reader service options for the coming week.

For Saturday Night, you could ideally do the Vigil. The fixed portions can be downloaded here:

or viewed in HTML, here:

The variable portions of the service can be downloaded here:

However, if doing Vigil is too much for you at present, you could do Small Compline, with the Canon:

On Sunday, you can do Typika.

You can find the fixed portions here:

Or in Word Format, here:

The variable portions are posted here:

Or you can download the Typika text with everything, including the Scripture readings, here:

On Radonitsa, which this year is Tuesday, April 28th, you can do the Akathist for the Repose of the Departed:

This Akathist is also found in Volume 1 of the Book of Akathists from Holy Trinity Monastery.

And do that as part of the Rule of St. Pachomius, inserting it where the rule calls for 100 Jesus Prayers.