Saturday, June 13, 2020

Review: A Children's Catechism

The Catechesis of our children is one area that we need to work on, to be sure. Many are unsure how to do it properly, or what resources we should be using. Fr. Michael Shanbour has provided a useful text for preteens, either at home, or in Sunday Schools. The Good Samaritan: A Children's Catechism, covers the basics of the Faith, and does it in chapters short enough to keep a child's attention. It is well illustrated, and provides some instructions for activities that can be done to reinforce the lesson. It covers the questions of sin and the fall, and the remedies God has provided for us. It talks about the sacraments, as well as fasting and almsgiving. It's not the only text you will ever need to instruct your children in the faith, but it provides a good resource for children in that age group.

Your children are not going to grow up to be faithful Orthodox Christians because they are swept along by the culture to do so. The opposite is true. You have to work, and work diligently to instill the faith in your children, and this book will help.