Wednesday, March 03, 2021

Texts for Lenten Services / Annunciation


I send out the variable portions of Vigil on a monthly basis to this group, and so you can join it to receive these documents as soon as they are available:

I have also been posting the same variable portions in my monthly installments for reader services on this blog, and so, you can get them there too, for as long as the lockdowns continue.

You can find the Rubrics for most Lenten Services posted here (though the complete texts are in the St. Innocent Liturgical Calendar):

Also linked on the Rubrics page are the texts for Forgiveness Sunday Vespers. If you want everything put together, however, it is in this document:

The variable portions of the full Liturgies are posted here:

The variable portions for the Presanctified Liturgies are posted here:

All of the texts necessary for the Annunciation services are posted here:

I don't insert the Triodion variables into the fixed parts of the services for Annunciation because these change every year, but the other texts can easily be re-used from one year to the next (at least most of the time).