Thursday, March 30, 2006

Orthodoxy in China: Hong Kong Albazinian Icon of the Mother of God

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From the wonderful site: Orthodoxy in China

Hong Kong Albazinian Icon of the Mother of God

This particular icon differs from the original Albazinian wonderworking icon, by including around the border additional saints that have a special affinity with the Far East. Beginning from the upper left corner going counterclockwise, depicted are St. Vsyevold of Pskov (Feb 11/24), St. Innocent of Irkutsk (Nov 26/Dec 9), St. John of Shanghai (June 19/July 2), Nun-martyr St. Elizabeth (July 5/18), St. Thomas the Apostle (Oct 6/19), Nun-martyr St. Barbara (July 5/18), St. Jonah of Hankou (Oct 7/20), St. John of Tobolsk (June 10/23) and St. Dovmont of Pskov (May 20/June 2).

This icon by the hand of a private Moscow iconographer was presented to Father Dionisy Pozdnyaev on the occasion of his name's day (October 3/16, 2000). The icon was at his home in Moscow at the time and then it was brought to Hong Kong when Fr Dionisy moved to Hong Kong. Currently the icon is venerated at the Church of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul. The icon last traveled to Beijing in celebration of its feast day of March 9/22 by Metropolitan KYRILL in 2006.

Fr Dionisy graciously provided an online copy of this icon for the faithful in China to download and distribute for veneration.