Saturday, March 18, 2006

Splain Dis

Body 'intact' 15 years after burial

The body of a Greek Orthodox monk was allegedly found intact 15 years after he was buried.

Medical experts are puzzling over the discovery in Lamia, central Greece, after the body of Vissarionas Korkoliakos was exhumed at Agathonos monastery, the semi-state Athens News Agency (ANA) reported.

“I believe this to be a sign from God,” Bishop Nikolaos, of the local prefecture of Fthiotida, said. “Even the monk’s soft parts are intact,” he added.

Four local doctors summoned by church authorities were unable to explain the alleged phenomenon. A fifth expert, an Athens coroner, wrote in his report that he had never seen such a case, ANA said.

Hundreds of faithful are flocking to the site, but the local church is advising restraint.

“We do not intend to declare [this man] a saint, or to summon people to pray before him,” Bishop Nikolaos said. (AFP)