Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Oh Gramma, Oh!

When I was a wee kid, my great grandmother used to sing "Oh Johnny, Oh". I never heard the whole song until I was watching the movie "The Chronicles of Narnia". Here are the lyrics:

Oh, Johnny! Oh, Johnny!
How you can love!
Oh, Johnny! Oh, Johnny!
Heavens above!
You make my sad heart jump with joy,
And when you're near I just
Can't sit still a minute.
I'm so, Oh, Johnny! Oh, Johnny!
Please tell me dear.
What makes me love you so?
You're not handsome, it's true,
But when I look at you,
I just, Oh, Johnny!
Oh, Johnny! Oh!

Now.. I was OK with this till I got to that part towards the end.

Here's a video with the music: