Saturday, February 03, 2007

Icon Exhibit this weekend

You can read all about it by clicking here.

One thing we have that is new this year is a guide to the icons that you can use to better understand what you are looking at. The icons are numbered, and by looking up each number in the guide, you can find the story behind that particular icon.

Friday we had a very good turn out, due in part to an article that ran Thursday in the Chronicle's Northside insert, which was placed on the front page of that section, and included a color photo which helped to draw attention to the article (unfortunately, the online version does not include the photo).

Unfortunately the article misquotes me as saying:

"We really want people from all backgrounds to understand Orthodox Christianity not as some weird or exotic religion but as rooted in Christianity"

The reporter was taking notes, rather than recording the interview, and I am sure that this was completely unintentional, but what I actually said was that I wanted people of other Christian backgrounds to understand that their faith traces its roots back to our Tradition.

Nevertheless, we have seen a wonderful turn out as a result of that article.

Last night we also had a wonderful talk from Fr. Joseph Huneycutt.