Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Rowan Williams,as THE BISHOP

Read this article about the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, handling of the current crisic in Anglicanism over gay marriage and the ordination of gays by clicking here.

Then watch Monty Python's "The Bishop":

This skit should make complete sense now in the light of the firm leadership we see to address this problem.

The Bishop: "It has made a decision that is not the decision of the wider body of Christ. In terms of the issue under consideration: there are enough Christians of good faith in every denomination – from evangelical to Roman Catholic – to whom it is not quite so self-evident, who are not absolutely sure that we have always read the Bible correctly. They are saying: this is an issue we must talk about. But if we are going to have time to discuss this prayerfully, thoughtfully, we really don’t need people saying: we must change it now."

No... the rest of Christendom is not saying this is something that you must talk about. They're saying that you have departed from Christian tradition.

The Bishop: "Don't marry the gay guys Vic... don't marry the gay guys!


The Bishop: "We wuz too late!"