Thursday, June 06, 2019

How to Study Scripture from an Orthodox Perspective

What follows is not a comprehensive guide to how to the study the Bible, but it is a collection of previous articles into one post, so that they can be easily accessed.

First, a talk that covers why we should study the Scriptures, as well as some of the basics about how we should do so.

The Importance of Reading the Bible in Christian Life. This was a talk given at the Lenten Retreat of the Holy Virgin Cathedral in San Francisco, St. Mary of Egypt Sunday, 2019

On what texts and translations you should use:
An Orthodox Look at English Translations of the Bible
The Septuagint vs. the Masoretic Text
On what resources you might use to help in your studies:
A Guide to Biblical Reference Texts
Computer Based Bible Study... for Free
On how to go about studying the Bible:
Beginning to Read and Understand the Bible: First Steps
Beginning to Read and Understand the Bible, Part 2: Staying on Track
Beginning to Read and Understand the Bible, Part 3: In Context
A Simple Approach to Reading the Entire Bible -- Suggestions for how to regularly read through the Bible.
How to teach your children to read and understand the King James Version of the Bible
Articles on how we approach the interpretation of the Bible:
Allegorical Interpretations of Scripture
Orthodox Biblical Interpretation and Protestant Biblical Scholarship
What we believe about the Bible:
The Inerrancy of Scripture
Sola Scriptura: An Orthodox analysis of the Protestant view of Scripture, and an explanation of the Orthodox perspective