Monday, March 16, 2020

Doing Typika at Home

Due to the Coronavirus, many people are finding themselves without access to regular services, either because they are quarantined themselves, or their parish has cancelled services. So here are some simple steps for how to do Typika at home. Typika is a service which can be done in the place of the Liturgy, whenever this is necessary.

You can download the fixed portions of Typika in a Word document:

Or use the text on the web:

The variable portions of Typika for Sunday's and Feasts are posted here, and are updated each month:

The Epistle and Gospel reading are indicated on that page, and so one could simply read them out of their own Bible, but ideally it would be best to have them in the form of a Gospel book and the Epistle book.

For the Epistle book, the least expensive option is a softcover text from the Center for Traditionalist Orthodox Studies:

This text follows the format of a Byzantine Lectionary, and so has the readings laid out exactly as they are read.

Another option is the Apostol from St. Tikhon Seminary, which follows the format of a Slavic Apostol, and is in hardback:

For the Gospel book, the Center for Traditionalist Orthodox Studies publishes a similarly inexpensive softcover edition:

For a Gospel that follows the Slavic format, and is in hardback, Deacon Peter Gardner publishes a very well done text, in two sizes, and in either black text, or color:

You can find more information about the pros and cons of these editions in the article: Practical Tips on Building a Liturgical Library.

In a pinch, you could print out these reading from the Choir Cues group, which sends these out with the variable texts for the Liturgy each week:

You should try to sing as much of the service as you are able, but if you can't, you can simply read the text aloud. For Liturgical Music and information on how to learn to sing the eight tones, see: Orthodox Musical Resources.

For more details on how to do reader services (i.e., services without a priest), see:

Practical Questions On How To Do Reader Services

You can find more information about Reader Services at the Reader Service Horologion.