Friday, March 20, 2020

Doing Vigil at Home

As a follow up to my post about doing Typika at home, let me provide some guidance on how to do Vigil at home as a reader service, as well as some suggestions for what you can do if doing Vigil is beyond your reach at this point.

The text for the fixed portions of the service is posted here:

In Word format:


For Sundays, you normally need the Resurrectional texts of the Octoechos. They are posted here:

You will need to have the text for the Tone of the Week, which you will find on the Rubrics Page (which is updated monthly). You will also need the Resurrectional Exapostilaria and Gospel Stichera which is posted on the Octoechos Index.

You will also need the Menaion Text, Triodion Text, and or Pentecostarion Text appointed for the day. For example, this Sunday is the Third Sunday of Lent, and so you will need the text of the Triodion, but it is also the Feast of the 40 Martyrs, which means you would need the text of the Menaion. Both of those texts are combined and available here:

The Fourth Sunday of Lent is found here:

The Fifth Sunday of Lent is here:

I will post an update when we get to Holy Week, with links to those texts.

Now if you do not think you could ever figure out how to do a vigil on your own, what you can do instead is to sings an Akathist or Canon instead, either in conjunction with Small Compline, or simply using the Rule of St. Pachomius, and replacing the 100 Jesus Prayers indicated with the Akathist or the Canon.

You will find a number of Akathists and Canons which are available online here:

If you have questions or need further help, if you contact me, I will try my best to answer.